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 Map Optimization

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PostSubject: Map Optimization   Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:59 pm

Hint Brush

This brush is used mainly to split up areas of the map that you cannot see directly, ie: around a corner.

Area Portals

Another way to split up areas of the map, but this is used in doorways and windows/vents, the main rule is, if you place one Area portal there cannot be a way to get into the room without crossing another Area portal.


Going to have to read up on this one yourself as I haven't spent the time to understand it enough to paraphrase it.

Draw Distance
(It's easier to copy/paste)
"If you are dealing with a large open area without any cover at all then there isn't a lot you can do, save reducing the number of objects you're drawing, but employ fog to disguise a low draw distance.

Draw distances can also be applied selectively to props, even prop_static, with the Start Fade Dist/Pixels and End Fade Dist/Pixels keyvalues. As the names suggest, these values can represent either distance in units or pixels on-screen as per the Screen Space Fade KV.

func_lod is a special brush entity that can fade out. You can't use any brushes tied to it as any other entity, however!"
Reference : ... ction=edit

Also, when opening hammer you might have seen these maps;

It's definitely worth looking into if you don't want your maps to end up like my previous maps did, with low frame rates when multiple people were playing on a map. Learn from my mistakes and use the tools I've found to help you make some great maps.

Last but not least, a page that brings it all together....
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Map Optimization
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